Marche at the table

The Marche food is still coming from the popular tradition and still made mostly with local and seasonal products 0 Km. Is enriched also by the ancient recipes of famous chefs of noble families as Antonio Nebbia and Giuseppe Tirabasso.

The most famous dishes of our region are the Vincisgrassi or Princisgrass. It is a baked pasta with a particular sauce flavored with chicken giblets.
To try the delicious Ciavuscolo or soft Ciauscolo, a sausage of pork prepared with meat and with liver. Very important are the hinterland products of hunting: hare, wild boar, pheasant are among the more traditional species.

From the Adriatic coast four kinds of fish soups. A large variety of species and cookings makes our region one of the most interesting in Italy. Mixed fried  and grilled  fish  are not to be missed.
The desserts, poor of creams, are enriched by the campaign products like: sapa, reduced grape must or walnuts, almonds, figs etc.

Our organic farm produces an excellent extra virgin olive oil obtained only from our olives, hand picked and cold-grinded with stone grinders.
Way we obtain an extra virgin olive oil, rich in polyphenols and low acidity, with different organoleptic characteristics: the Rosciola oil, balanced and harmonious, Piantone, round and determined, Leccino, soft and delicate for an elegant result. Direct sale in our farm.

Wines of Marche. The  Marche region  is hilly for the 70% and mountainous to 30%.. This makes it a particularly voted region for viticulture. The grape varieties are 60% white (especially Verdicchio) and 40% red (Montepulciano, Sangiovese). To name just a few DOC: Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi, RossoPiceno, the Vernaccia di Serrapetrona, Falerio, etc. Fresh or round, strong or gentle, a special Wine Road.

Il taccuino di Vittoria

We love to experiment recipes of our old Archive. We have just published the transcription of a notebook of recipes of mid-nineteenth century. Link: